An Unexpected Linkage: The Gut-Skin Axis

Created with In the public discussion of microbes, there is often a negative connotation attached to microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites due to the presence of pathogenic individuals in each category. However, microbes are not synonymous with pathogens. For instance, some gut bacteria are well-acknowledged for their importance in the nutrientContinue reading “An Unexpected Linkage: The Gut-Skin Axis”

A better method for T cell isolation is not so enigMATIC anymore

When we talk on the topic of cancer therapies, the first one that comes to my mind is adoptive T cell therapy using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). It has received a lot of good reviews in the last couple of years and persists as a promising tumor therapy for the future. It works on the principleContinue reading “A better method for T cell isolation is not so enigMATIC anymore”

BioNTech Vaccine: A Ray of Hope for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Researchers at BioNTech were amongst the first to bring a vaccine against COVID-19, and perhaps this time, they got one against the neurodegenerative disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Every year MS strikes about two million people across the world, especially in countries farther away from the Equator, out of which women are twice more likely toContinue reading “BioNTech Vaccine: A Ray of Hope for Multiple Sclerosis Patients”