Tag: Senescence

  • Your T cells can outlive you!

    Your T cells can outlive you!

    Did you ever question mortality? Some people believe in the existence of living elements (like our soul), even after our death. For us biologists, there is a standard consideration of cells being mortal. In human biology, there is even a limitation of 50 – 60 divisions that cells can undergo, known as a ‘Hayflick limit’.…

  • Buddisode 22 – Your immune cells determine how fast you age

    In this Buddisode, Eugenio, Natalie, and Jatin sit down with Drs. Rafael Flores and Matthew Yousefzadeh to discuss their recent research that aims to dissect the role of the immune system in systemic aging. Check out our memes on Facebook (@antibuddies), Twitter (@antibuddiesP), and Instagram (@AntibuddiesPodcast). Website: Antibuddies – Science Communication & Immunology (Antibuddies.org) Join us…

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