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  • Episode 19 – Memory T cells

    Episode 19 – Memory T cells

    In the 19th episode of Immunology 101 series, Ash, Koshika, and Jatin talk continue their conversation about T cell subsets with a focus on memory T cells. Check out our memes on Facebook (@antibuddies), Twitter (@antibuddiesP), and Instagram (@AntibuddiesPodcast). Join us on our bimonthly journal club at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxyrHotyyY3sSwcp1zigeCw Send us your queries/questions/suggestions at…

  • The biomechanics of lymph node swelling

    The biomechanics of lymph node swelling

    At times when we fall sick, barely noticeable lumps can be felt under our skin. These lumps are our swollen lymph nodes, and they indicate the body’s immune system reacting to infectious agents. Historically, while we were trying to figure out the immune system and its fundamental cellular components, the complexity and dynamicity of lymph…

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