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  • Buddisode – A tale of labor, pre-term birth, and IL-22

    We sit down with Dr. Nardhy Gomez-Lopez from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University to discuss her recent paper about the role of IL-22 in pregnancy and pre-term births. Check out our memes on Facebook (@antibuddies), Twitter (@antibuddiesP), and Instagram (@AntibuddiesPodcast). Website: Antibuddies – Science Communication & Immunology (Antibuddies.org) Join us on…

  • Were we born with a microbiome? Maybe, maybe not!

    Were we born with a microbiome? Maybe, maybe not!

    Although ‘bacteria may be the only culture some people have’, just like good manners, bacteria in our microbiome are also something we acquire over time in our life. To understand the role of microbiome (and its variations) in health and disease, we first need to understand when humans start forming their first microbiome. The presence…

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