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  • Silica particles vs. the immune system

    Silica particles vs. the immune system

    Let’s cover a topic that is rarely discussed in immunology – Silicosis. Have you ever imagined what happens when you breathe in silica? Silica particles cause a severe condition called silicosis. As Ganesan et al. explain that silicosis is a fibrotic lung disease caused by the inhalation of respirable silica particles. Where can we be…

  • Neutrophils help organs heal

    Neutrophils help organs heal

    Most of us had our knees bruised when we were kids: riding a bicycle, climbing the trees, playing soccer… and it was so fascinating to look at the tissue healing process following that – the development of fibrotic tissue, skin remodeling, and so on… Only much later in our life, did we come to know…

  • Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet

    Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet

    Source: istock What if I tell you that you can greatly improve your immune system by just cutting your calories by 40%?  If you are as skeptical as I, your cursor would be on its way to the “close tab” button after reading that first sentence. In my very personal and non-scientific opinion, a 40%…

  • The Immunology Behind a Sunburn

    The Immunology Behind a Sunburn

    “In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right out and touch the sky…” If you love 70’s classics, you must have heard these lyrics in the “In the Summertime” song by Mungo Jerry. Well, it is summertime, the weather is hot, but considering the climate change and loss of our ozone…

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