Can our adipose tissue handle an infection?

A little fat won’t kill you – well, this may be a lie, but could I interest you in a story where a little fat could ‘save’ you after infection? This discovery definitely got my motor running. Could the adipocyte (a fat cell) act as an immune cell and clear the infection? Unfortunately, Caputa etContinue reading “Can our adipose tissue handle an infection?”

Shifting Paradigms: T Cells, FlipFlops, and Reversed T Cells

You must have come across the fundamental concepts of T cell development during your immunology class. Briefly, in the thymus, T cells expressing both CD4 and CD8 coreceptors interact with MHC molecules on thymic epithelial cells to make lineage fate decisions. CD4+ cells interact with MHCII and are called T helper cells while CD8+ cellsContinue reading “Shifting Paradigms: T Cells, FlipFlops, and Reversed T Cells”

SARS-CoV2 Mu variant is resistant towards serum antibody neutralization

Picture source: 11Alive It is no news, vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 enormously decreases chances of severe side effects and hospitalizations, but vaccinated individuals are still not spared in this pandemic. This is mainly because of the rare breakthrough cases being reported by vaccinated people mostly caused by the newer SARS-CoV-2 strains. As of September 2021, thereContinue reading “SARS-CoV2 Mu variant is resistant towards serum antibody neutralization”

The COVID-19 Research Rundown

The grim COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of stopping, with the Delta variant bringing new waves of infections across the world. Thankfully, the vaccination efforts are running on full throttle leading to rarer cases of adverse effects, at least amongst the vaccinated crowds (1). And now that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been approved byContinue reading “The COVID-19 Research Rundown”

Plants- The New COVID19 Vaccine Manufacturers

Remember how we were taught in school that plants provide us with food, oxygen, rain, and shelter? Well, get ready to teach the new generation about the newest addition to that list! While we witnessed the emergence of new and rapid vaccine production during the COVID-19 pandemic using viral vectors (Sputnjik, AstraZeneca) and mRNA vaccinesContinue reading “Plants- The New COVID19 Vaccine Manufacturers”

Alteration of Immune Metabolism Restores Memory at Old Age

What is a scary but perpetual process that every living organism goes through? Ageing! We become aware of it from a very young age– looking at people growing older, having reduced quality of life, and forgetting things. We have always flirted with the idea of youth till death through works of art, whether it isContinue reading “Alteration of Immune Metabolism Restores Memory at Old Age”

Immunology: Bigger than it seems

A World Immunology Day 2021 special post Immunology is the study of immune cells that are the body’s defense against everything that is foreign and can damage our body. Immune systems have been around for millions of years, protecting all sorts of organisms including plants and bacteria from harm. The field of Immunology has seenContinue reading “Immunology: Bigger than it seems”