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  • A New Hope for Endometriosis

    A New Hope for Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects around 10% of people having a woman’s reproductive system. It is an extremely painful disease that very often goes undiagnosed. For years, we have been dependent on pain medications or hormonal medications (having numerous side effects) as a route for relief, but there was no cure. Thankfully, in more…

  • Welcome to Immunity, Red Blood Cells

    Welcome to Immunity, Red Blood Cells

    In our childhood, we have been taught that our blood cells are divided into immune cells or white blood cells and non-immune cells containing red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets. This blog article shatters that notion and questions if RBCs can join the elite club of immune cells. Previously, Lam and colleagues demonstrated that RBCs…

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