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  • Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet

    Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet

    Source: istock What if I tell you that you can greatly improve your immune system by just cutting your calories by 40%?  If you are as skeptical as I, your cursor would be on its way to the “close tab” button after reading that first sentence. In my very personal and non-scientific opinion, a 40% […]

  • The COVID-19 Research Rundown

    The COVID-19 Research Rundown

    The grim COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of stopping, with the Delta variant bringing new waves of infections across the world. Thankfully, the vaccination efforts are running on full throttle leading to rarer cases of adverse effects, at least amongst the vaccinated crowds (1). And now that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been approved by […]

  • Alteration of Immune Metabolism Restores Memory at Old Age

    Alteration of Immune Metabolism Restores Memory at Old Age

    What is a scary but perpetual process that every living organism goes through? Ageing! We become aware of it from a very young age– looking at people growing older, having reduced quality of life, and forgetting things. We have always flirted with the idea of youth till death through works of art, whether it is […]