Short story telling approach to explain scientific articles under 20-minutes.

In this monolog, Tanu talks about the effect of diet, microbiota, and the endogenous retroviral elements in skin inflammation.
Article of discussion:
In this monolog, Natalie talks about how long non-coding RNAs alter chromosomal conformation to affect class switching in B cells.
Article of discussion: Noncoding RNA transcription alters chromosomal topology to promote isotype-specific class switch recombination | Science Immunology (
In this monolog, Jatin talks about some pioneering studies from the early 2000s that unraveled the mystery behind central tolerance.
In this monolog, Tanu briefly discusses the recent study from Ang et al. about the effect of ketogenic diet on gut microbiota and Th17 cells. There are three diets discussed in the episode based on fat to carb ratio: the standard or baseline diet (35:50), high fat diet (75:10), and ketogenic diet (90:0). Source:
In this monolog, Jatin briefly discusses the recent study from Lai et al. about FLT3L-secreting CAR T cells that successfully elicited a polyclonal immune response in Her2 and OVA co-expressing tumor models.
Sources: (Original article) (News and views).

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