A Camel to the Rescue: Nanobodies against SARS-CoV-2

Created with BioRender.com Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, antibodies have been under the spotlight as potential therapeutics. Antibodies patrol the body and bind to their specific target region, known as an epitope, on an antigen. In humans, antibodies consist of 2 heavy chains and 2 light chains held together by disulfide bonds (see graphical abstract). However, asContinue reading “A Camel to the Rescue: Nanobodies against SARS-CoV-2”

Neutrophils help organs heal

Most of us had our knees bruised when we were kids: riding a bicycle, climbing the trees, playing soccer… and it was so fascinating to look at the tissue healing process following that – the development of fibrotic tissue, skin remodeling, and so on… Only much later in our life, did we come to knowContinue reading “Neutrophils help organs heal”

A Way Through the Crowd: Motility of macrophages in a dense microenvironment

Macrophages – the most versatile and multipurpose cells of the immune system – scavenge away pathogens and sick cells to protect us from diseases. We have previously mentioned how macrophages also happen to be present in almost every tissue to perform this very function. Most of the immune cells continuously circulate in the blood, but in aContinue reading “A Way Through the Crowd: Motility of macrophages in a dense microenvironment”

Toxoplasma gondii – a new cancer fighting superhero

“Life will win over death, and light will win over darkness”– Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine “I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you and your discovery” – said Tomas Dahl during the meeting in Stockholm. Tomas was one of the cancer patients who had the prestigious chance to share their storyContinue reading “Toxoplasma gondii – a new cancer fighting superhero”

An Unexpected Linkage: The Gut-Skin Axis

Created with BioRender.com In the public discussion of microbes, there is often a negative connotation attached to microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites due to the presence of pathogenic individuals in each category. However, microbes are not synonymous with pathogens. For instance, some gut bacteria are well-acknowledged for their importance in the nutrientContinue reading “An Unexpected Linkage: The Gut-Skin Axis”

New Role for Ductal Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

Despite owning the same genetic material, our cells carry out highly specialized functions and vary from each other in many phenotypic aspects. Interestingly, when in troubled times (i.e., under stressful conditions) certain cells change their characteristic protein expression and turn into something completely unexpected, to help us survive. Fasolino and group shed light on suchContinue reading “New Role for Ductal Cells in Type 1 Diabetes”

Microbiota makes our intestines move and keeps the worms away

Image source: CDC The word “infection” is often associated with either bacteria or virus, but we all know there are some other bad guys that can infect us too. One must not forget about- the parasites. Even though they are more common in the rural areas where hygiene is still an issue, WHO counts thatContinue reading “Microbiota makes our intestines move and keeps the worms away”

Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet

Source: istock What if I tell you that you can greatly improve your immune system by just cutting your calories by 40%?  If you are as skeptical as I, your cursor would be on its way to the “close tab” button after reading that first sentence. In my very personal and non-scientific opinion, a 40%Continue reading “Slowing Down Inflamm-Aging with Diet”

A better method for T cell isolation is not so enigMATIC anymore

When we talk on the topic of cancer therapies, the first one that comes to my mind is adoptive T cell therapy using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). It has received a lot of good reviews in the last couple of years and persists as a promising tumor therapy for the future. It works on the principleContinue reading “A better method for T cell isolation is not so enigMATIC anymore”

A Song of Marrow and Microbes

Stem cells! Iron! Macrophages! Red blood cells! Butyrate! Gut microbiota! No, we are not just blurting out random terms (stick with us till the end to read the full story). These keywords summarize a study by Zhang and colleagues that was published in Cell Stem Cell earlier this month. However, summarizing the work in a singleContinue reading “A Song of Marrow and Microbes”