Are CAR Tregs a reason for CAR therapy failure?

Created with On 12th of September 2022, Zinaida Good, a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, tweeted: “We found a CAR Treg subset in CD19-CAR T cells for lymphoma. We hope that this finding will put us on a path from 40% cure to 100% cure”.Only five years earlier, FDA had made historical approval for […]

Silica particles vs. the immune system

Let’s cover a topic that is rarely discussed in immunology – Silicosis. Have you ever imagined what happens when you breathe in silica? Silica particles cause a severe condition called silicosis. As Ganesan et al. explain that silicosis is a fibrotic lung disease caused by the inhalation of respirable silica particles. Where can we be […]

The biomechanics of lymph node swelling

At times when we fall sick, barely noticeable lumps can be felt under our skin. These lumps are our swollen lymph nodes, and they indicate the body’s immune system reacting to infectious agents. Historically, while we were trying to figure out the immune system and its fundamental cellular components, the complexity and dynamicity of lymph […]

Another Novel Zoonotic Virus: The Langya henipavirus!

Picture source: CDC Recent reports from the eastern region of China in the New England Journal of Medicine mentioned 35 patients showing feverish symptoms, infected with a novel zoonotic virus (virus of animal origin that can infect humans). The virus, Langya henipavirus (LayV), was named after the town “Langya“ where the first patient infected with […]


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