The One where he Receives a Pig’s Heart

Throughout history, people have experimented with transplantation and transfusion. Until the discovery of Human Leukocyte Antigen, blood groups, and tissue typing – donors commonly consisted of animals. My favorite one was using lamb blood because of religious aspects (Lamb of God), although it did not work as often. Expected, right? However, today with genetic modification […]

On the Cutting Edge: The OMICS Generation

The last two decades have seen rapid development in almost every aspect of human life, and the field of biomedicine is no different. By the time the Human Genome Project concluded, the field of genomics had already observed a steady drop in the cost of sequencing. In years that followed, the technology developed rapidly, and […]

Unleashing the Anti-tumor Immune Cells with Dostarlimab

Blocking checkpoint proteins enhance immune cell activity In healthy individuals, the immune system is intricately regulated to maintain homeostasis. Consider it as a see-saw: on the one hand, excessive immune activation in the absence of harmful pathogens may manifest as autoimmune diseases; on the other hand, inadequate immune defense creates vulnerability during infections. The immune […]


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