Welcome to Immunity, Red Blood Cells

In our childhood, we have been taught that our blood cells are divided into immune cells or white blood cells and non-immune cells containing red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets. This blog article shatters that notion and questions if RBCs can join the elite club of immune cells. Previously, Lam and colleagues demonstrated that RBCsContinue reading “Welcome to Immunity, Red Blood Cells”

Now take a deep breath and calm your immune system.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak we witnessed the good (rapid vaccine development and production, alongside the amazing work done by our healthcare workers), the bad (misinformation spreading) and the ugly (higher mortality rates due to COVID-19 infection and post-infection COVID-19 syndrome). While, during the peak of crisis researchers prioritized the treatments and side effects, now weContinue reading “Now take a deep breath and calm your immune system.”

The Immunology Behind a Sunburn

“In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right out and touch the sky…” If you love 70’s classics, you must have heard these lyrics in the “In the Summertime” song by Mungo Jerry. Well, it is summertime, the weather is hot, but considering the climate change and loss of our ozoneContinue reading “The Immunology Behind a Sunburn”

Plants- The New COVID19 Vaccine Manufacturers

Remember how we were taught in school that plants provide us with food, oxygen, rain, and shelter? Well, get ready to teach the new generation about the newest addition to that list! While we witnessed the emergence of new and rapid vaccine production during the COVID-19 pandemic using viral vectors (Sputnjik, AstraZeneca) and mRNA vaccinesContinue reading “Plants- The New COVID19 Vaccine Manufacturers”

Q&A with Alyssa Walker: Studying neurodegenerative diseases in C. elegans

The author of the article “Colonization of the Caenorhabditis elegans gut with human enteric bacterial pathogens leads to proteostasis disruption that is rescued by butyrate”, Alyssa Walker got her bachelor’s degree at The University of Florida where she majored in animal biology. She has extensive research as a veterinary technician on small animals and dairy farms. Currently,Continue reading “Q&A with Alyssa Walker: Studying neurodegenerative diseases in C. elegans”

Were we born with a microbiome? Maybe, maybe not!

Although ‘bacteria may be the only culture some people have’, just like good manners, bacteria in our microbiome are also something we acquire over time in our life. To understand the role of microbiome (and its variations) in health and disease, we first need to understand when humans start forming their first microbiome. The presenceContinue reading “Were we born with a microbiome? Maybe, maybe not!”

Fighting a Long Fight: Long Term Effects of COVID-19

The term ‘long covid‘ did not originate from a doctor, well, not from a medical doctor at least. Dr. Elisa Perego, an archaeologist at the University College London, used the term on her Twitter account to describe her experience of a post-COVID-19 disease1. Although the term long covid came from “patients“, National Institute for HealthContinue reading “Fighting a Long Fight: Long Term Effects of COVID-19”

Memory T cells persist after neoantigen vaccine in melanoma patients

Vaccines are not oblivious, especially in 2021, but when we say ‘vaccine’ we usually refer to something that can prevent an infection. Have you ever heard of therapeutic vaccines? One revolutionary therapeutic vaccine for melanoma, a new personal neoantigen vaccine called NeoVax, was developed by Ott et al. and its early clinical outcome was publishedContinue reading “Memory T cells persist after neoantigen vaccine in melanoma patients”

What do we say to apoptosis? Not today!

Have you ever wondered if there is any way to bring back the dead? And if resurrected, will they be the same person or become a zombie (the question which actually made Pet cemetery scary and GOT interesting)? Just like humans, for a long time, it was believed that when a cell dies, there isContinue reading “What do we say to apoptosis? Not today!”

Who will save us from COVID19 reinfection?

With COVID19 pandemic still going strong and several vaccines on the way it is time to ask ourselves, what about the T cell function after infection? Research labs combating SARS-CoV-2 mainly focused on the humoral immune system, meaning antibodies. While investigating the humoral immune response is necessary for developing vaccines, to paint a complete pictureContinue reading “Who will save us from COVID19 reinfection?”